MTS Health & Wellness Blog 7 June 2018

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Blog Contributor:
Dr. Peh Yan Soo, Physiotherapy Specialist
DPT(USA), MSc(UK) & BSc(Hons)(UK)

Welcome to the MTS monthly Health & Wellness blog post series.

In this issue, we are discussing the physical and emotional health of your three main detox organs: lungs, liver and kidneys, which we covered during our pop-up event in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago. We hope you will find it useful and see it as a guide in achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle. 🙂

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Understanding the Physical & Emotional Health of your three main detox organs: Lungs, Liver and Kidneys

Human life is always in constant movement, internally and externally. Internally referring to the movements created by the functions of our organs and externally referring to the movement created by the functions of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. Ultimately all the functions are controlled by the central nervous system, which consist of the brain and the spinal cord and hence the movement of the body is made up of the power of our mind to understand and also execute in harmony.

In this issue, the focus will be on what happens when our internal organs are not moving optimally, resulting in a dysfunction from an osteopathic perspective. When an organ has certain restrictions in motion, all the other parts of the body systems will have to adapt or compensate, adding more burden to the systems of the whole body.

The three main organs that helps in detoxification are the lungs, the liver and the kidneys and is vital that we ensure these organs are in optimal health for own inner balance, which includes the physical and emotional health. Let us seek to understand and prevent, rather than wait to experience an illness.

Below is a summary of the signs and symptoms and management strategies for each of the organs:

Lungs: Internal communication with the External

Physical Signs & Symptoms

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Noisy breathing
  • Coughing
  • Increased sweat
  • Bluish/grey nails
  • Neck/shoulder and back pain
  • Poor posture

Psychological/Emotional Signals

  • Bouts of aggressiveness
  • Too much or not enough (lion & mouse as an example)
  • Poor management of own territory
  • Lack of self-confidence/authority
  • Fear of confrontation/withdrawal/ bothering people
  • Claustrophobia and its opposite
  • Helpfulness

How to Take Care of Your Lungs

Stop smoking and avoid polluted spaceAvoid putting on weight
Learn to negotiate one’s fear and anxiety of being locked up with self-pacing strategies
Clean your A/C and curtainsLook after your liver as clogged liver causes mucous lining to be congestedSocialise and participate in group events
Cardio exercises like walking, running swimmingBeware of alcohol and chocolateSeek help of relaxation, meditation, yoga and psychology therapy depending of severity
Hanging from a bar with feet supported if needed
Massage in between your ribs
Learn to control your breath eg. meditation and yoga etc.

Liver: Our Deeper Self & Emotions

Physical Signs & Symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Eyesight problems
  • Oily hair & dandruff
  • Hypersensitive skin
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irritated mucous lining
  • Dark colour urine
  • Dull, muddy complexion
  • Difficult digestion
  • Fatigue

Psychological/Emotional Signals

  • Hard time knowing oneself
  • Dependency on the mother and the past
  • Bad memories, pessimism, fear of future
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Bad moods and ill-being
  • Prisoner of routine
  • Lack of fighting spirit
  • No or lack of creativity
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Fits of anger
  • Depression

How to Take Care of Your Liver

Steam bath and saunas
Avoid cheese, fatty meats, pastry, chocolate, alcohol and cooked creamFocus on your positive attributes
Be aware of the medications and supplements you are takingChew your food and eat slowlyReflect on good memories and experience
Exercise or practice a sport regular for at least 30 minutesDrink adequate water in small sips, preferably luke warm. Add lemon to water or could drink green teaSeek out people with positive attitude
Watch out for sulfites based productsCultivate a feeling of self-esteem and self-respect
Fresh fruit juices especially grapefruitReconnect with power of evaluating and choosing your life in full conscience and freedom
Green vegetables like dandelion green, fennel, artichokes etc.Form trusting relationship
Eat things slightly sour

Kidneys: Two Non-Identical Twins

Physical Signs & Symptoms

  • Deep fatigue & sleep that brings no rest
  • Rings under eyes, sensitive to light & swollen eyelids
  • Hair that has no shine or shape
  • Crumpled face, waxen complexion
  • Intense back pain in the morning
  • Hunger pangs/stomach cramps
  • Pins & needles in the feet

Psychological/Emotional Signals

  • Mostly same as liver for right kidney
  • Depleted deep energy
  • Existential & reactive fear
  • Deep seated anger
  • A need to surpass one self and to lead
  • Generosity

How to Take Care of Your Kidneys

Avoid being seated for too long, move every hour at least
Avoid or reduce protein sources especially in the eveningLearn to control fear and anxiety, distinguish between existential fear and fear of danger
Plan your travelling journey to include frequent rest breaksAvoid salt and replace with herbs (thyme and rosemary in particular)Avoid situations that may put you off balance and take things one at a time
If you ever fall on your back, be sure to have a check medically or by a manual therapistDrink natural sparkling mineral water rich in mineralsLearn to overcome problems and build resilience
Drink sufficient water according to your body size and preferable lukewarm and in small amount
Avoid oily/fried and fatty food
Avoid alcohol
Eat fiber rich food and fruits


The above suggestions are to help you understand that we have emotions and such emotions do affect the organs of our physical body and vice-versa. Listening and understanding the language of your body will help you manage your health in a better shape and strengthen your own self-protection system. Therefore, start to optimize your own health today by taking care of your inner self and to offer yourself the joy of a well-functioning body and mind.


My greatest respect and gratitude to my visceral manipulation mentors Joanne Enslin De Wet and Jean-Pierre Barral who not only taught me to be a better practitioner for my patients but also a better human being for myself.

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