MTS Health & Wellness Blog 8 July 2018

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Welcome to the MTS monthly Health & Wellness blog post series.

In this issue, we have provided a variety of ways and tips for you to exercise safely and regularly despite the rising summer temperatures. We hope you will find it useful and encourages you to keep fit with a smile on your face.

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Health Tips to Keeping Fit and Healthy in the Summertime!

If you are a UAE resident, you will know what I mean by ‘it’s getting hot in here’ and we don’t just mean a European-type of summer (which is really our winter).

But even if you are one of the lucky ones who are enjoying a European or Asian summer, it can get really hot and an awareness of your body and how it feels is always a good indicator as to whether it is time to get OUT of the heat! Always remember to hydrate your body, whatever you are doing, whether indoors or outdoors.

Here are some suggestions found through various sources that would be a useful guide to keeping fit and healthy in the summer.

Indoor Activities

In the sweltering UAE summer heat, a brisk 30-minute run may not be advisable. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip your workout altogether. There is a wealth of different activities anyone can engage in from the comfort of their own home.

For those with busy lives, the seven-minute workout is perfect for boosting health and fitness. Designed to help people lose weight, the workout consists of 12 high intensity 30 second workouts with a ten second break in between each.

Studies have shown that to help achieve that flat stomach, the seven-minute workout includes jumping jacks, push-ups, abdominal crunches, squats and lunges. After a few short weeks, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger and enjoy energy in abundance.
A number of sports facilities have been established in the UAE by entrepreneurs with a drive to keep the nation fit all year round. In Dubai, you can play football on air-conditioned pitches at places such as Ahdaaf Sports Club in Al Quoz, with other activities (including children’s birthday parties and corporate events) catered for as well.

Indoor trampoline parks are plentiful, with Flip Out, Jump Boxx and others in Dubai, Jump World in Sharjah, and Bounce in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. If you’ve spent even 10 minutes jumping around on the tarp in any of these places, you’ll know exactly what an excellent workout it is, as well as being fun for all ages.

Expend Energy Not Cash

Nobody could complain about the UAE not having enough gigantic shopping malls, but few of us realise that their doors are normally open long before the shops are – you can enjoy an early morning breakfast before the crowd arrives.

Or, you could just take advantage of all that air-conditioned space and enjoy a brisk walk around whichever one happens to be nearest to home. Some locations, such as Abu Dhabi Mall, have their own mall-walking clubs that require you to join before pounding the marble floors (watch you don’t slip, by the way), while others such as Mall of the Emirates in Dubai simply encourage residents and visitors to make use of the space as part of an active lifestyle.

Outdoor Activities

Low intensity cardio in a sheltered environment can really get the heart pumping – and help you stay fit and healthy in the summer. In the searing heat a dip in an outdoor pool can help you to cool off and avoid heatstroke. To stay fit and healthy, why not use the opportunity to swim a few laps in the pool? There’s no need to exhaust yourself. The important thing to maintaining fitness is about regularity.

Timing is Crucial

Before the sun rises, the ambient temperatures can be bearable for outdoor activities even in the height of summer. Not that we’re advocating exercise in the pitch dark – any time before 8am could be an ideal window to get out for a jog, brisk walk or a swim.

Whatever time you decide to go outdoors, however, you should always remember to take drinking water with you and to stay hydrated before, during and after physical activity, even if it’s just a stroll.

Lost in Music

Earlier this year, researchers at Texas Tech University released the findings of a study on how music can make a difference to our workouts, which was presented to the American College of Cardiology in Florida. Results gleaned from 127 patients, who were scheduled for routine electrocardiogram treadmill tests, showed that on average they exercised for a minute longer if they were listening to music.

Use Technology!

The digital age has made monitoring our health easier than ever before. There is a wealth of apps that are free to download to your iPhone that can give you an understanding of your fitness levels, or help you get motivated and get moving. Or you could choose to invest in a smart watch such as the one MTS reviewed in our December 2017 blog to be your 24/7 health companion!

We hope you are now motivated to get exercising with the above tips and suggestions and more importantly, to be able to exercise smartly, efficiently and happily.

Have a fantastic Summer!


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