Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy – Intermediate Level


At the end of the course, the participants will:

  1. Have an understanding of basic anatomy and biomechanics of the hand and upper limb.
  2. Appreciate how important it is to understand the phases of tissue healing and what treatment methods are suitable for each phase.
  3. Know how to accurately assess a patient with a hand injury and define the two main complications of hand injuries, oedema and stiffness.
  4. Have had practical experience in the application of Manual Edema Mobilisation as a technique to reduce oedema.
  5. Have knowledge of different techniques to reduce stiffness of the hand.
  6. Understand how to approach and treat the paediatric patient with a hand condition, focussing mainly on congenital hand conditions and cerebral palsy.


Day 1
08:30 – 08:45TalkIntroduction and outline of the course
08:45 – 10:15Presentation and demonstrationUpper limb Anatomy and Biomechanics
10:15 – 10:45Break
10:45 – 11:45Presentation and demonstrationEvaluation of the hand and Tissue healing
11:45 – 12:45PresentationComplication of hand injuries – Oedema of the hand
12:45 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 14:45Presentation and demonstrationManual Oedema Mobilisation (MEM) – a technique to reduce upper limb oedema
14:45 – 16:30Demonstration and PracticalPractice of the MEM techniques Participants work in groups of two and practice on each other. Participants are requested to wear sleeveless tops for the practical work
Day 2
08:30 – 10:15Demonstration and PracticalContinue with MEM practical. As above.
10:15 – 10:45Break
10:45 – 11:30PresentationThe stiff hand – prevention and treatment.
11:40 – 13:00Demonstration and practical (finger POP casts)Using Plaster of Paris to decrease stiffness: Finger joint stiffness and CMMS
13:00 – 13:45Lunch
13:45 – 14:30PresentationThe Paediatric hand
14:30 – 15:30Presentation and discussionThe child with a congenital hand condition.
15:30 – 15:40Break
15:40 – 16:20Presentation and discussionThe hand of the child with cerebral palsy.
16:20Wrap up and closure


This course is designed for licensed occupational and physiotherapists and will assist them in acquiring knowledge of important concepts of hand rehabilitation, as well as practical skills to reduce oedema and stiffness of the hand. In addition, they will learn how to approach and treat paediatric patients with a hand condition.


Local DHA/HAAD accreditations as approved.

Hand Therapy – Splinting Workshop


At the end of the course, the participants will:

  1. Understand and appreciate the biomechanical aspects of splinting.
  2. Know how to apply specific forces to the hand by means of a splint.
  3. Know the different characteristics of different splinting materials and know when to apply these in a clinical situation.
  4. Be able to choose the correct materials for specific patients and their diagnoses.
  5. Have seen demonstrations of different splints.
  6. Have had the opportunity to make certain splints on their fellow course participants using a variety of splinting materials.
  7. Be able to analyse the forces applied by the splints that they have made.
  8. Have learnt a number of splinting hints and tips while watching the presenter demonstrate a variety of splints.


08:30 – 10:00PresentationBiomechanics of splinting the hand.
10:00 – 10:30Break
10:30 – 11:30PresentationCharacteristics of different splinting materials and their application.
11:30 – 12:30Demonstration and PracticalMaking a CMMS splint with Plaster of Paris
12:30 – 13:15Lunch
13:15 – 15:00Demonstration and PracticalOpportunity to make a variety of splints using different materials.
The types of splints that will be demonstrated and made by the course participants have not yet been finalised. Examples of all splints will be available and these will be demonstrated using a variety of splinting materials. Participants will have the option to choose which splints they would like to try and make these on a partner under guidance of the presenter.
15:00 – 15:10Break
15:10 – 16:20PracticalAs above
16:20 – 16:30Wrap up and clean up


This workshop is designed for licensed occupational therapists and will assist them in acquiring knowledge of the biomechanics of hand splinting and how these principles are applied in the clinical situation. They will also acquire the necessary skills to make a selection of hand splints.


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Hand Therapy Intermediate Level25 January 2019
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Mediclinic City
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Hand Splinting Workshop27 January 2019Mediclinic City
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