The Barrel Institute (USA & France)

The Barral Institute is a health education, training and research organization in USA dedicated to the advancement of Visceral Manipulation, Nerve Manipulation and related Manual Therapies. The Barral Institute constantly works to better understand and validate the therapeutic effect of these hands on therapies and is the leading international provider that conducts such workshops to educate and train healthcare practitioners in over 49 countries.

The Barral Institute currently offers the Visceral Manipulation Certification Program with a total of 6 modules and certification at two levels: Techniques Level – Certified Visceral Techniques Practitioner (CVTP) on successful completion of module 1-4 and Visceral Manipulation Level – Certified Visceral Manipulation Practitioner (CVMP) on successful completion of 1-6.


Manual Circle (Singapore)

Manual Circle is a successful clinic practice in Singapore and the only manual therapy training provider in Asia that provide education and training incorporating evidence informed manual therapy from holistic views of the articular, myogenic and neurogenic perspective combining both physiotherapy and osteopathic philosophies.

Manual Circle currently presents the Clinical Manual Therapy with Osteopathy Techniques Certification Program. The whole certification program consists of 5 modules, covering the Lumbopelvic complex, Cranium-Cervical complex, Thoracic-rib complex, lower quadrant and upper quadrant. The 5 modules could be taken independently or altogether with successful completion  of all modules leading to a Certificate in Clinical Manual Therapy (CCMT).


Schroth Best Practice Academy (Germany)

The Schroth Best Practice Program® is the recent development of the original scoliosis management program provided by the grandson of Katharina Schroth, Dr. Weiss. The Schroth method teaches highly corrective exercises derived from the original Schroth concept even for small curves and are proven with research studies to be highly effective.

The Schroth Best Practice Academy is the only branch of Scoliosis management education that continues to develop with updated research science and the whole board of the Schroth Scoliologic™ Best Practice Academy is dedicated to providing the highest standard of Scoliosis specific exercises. Full certification training of The Schroth Best Practice Program® consist of Module A & B which will be covered in 5 days leading to an official certificate from the official Schroth Best Practice Academy .


Training 4 You (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Training 4 You is a forward thinking company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who organize CPD courses targeting health professionals globally. The courses are conducted by internationally recognized educators and institutions and are held in various venues all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The mission of Training 4 You company is to help healthcare providers in the region improve quality of care by organizing professional development activities with internationally renowned health institutions and educators. They also offer consultation and support for healthcare providers and educators in areas of research, education, and health practices.