Hand Splinting Workshop

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Hand Splinting Workshop


At the end of this course, participants will:

  1. Understand and appreciate the biomechanical aspects of splinting.
  2. Know how to apply specific forces to the hand by means of a splint.
  3. Know the different characteristics of different splinting materials and know when to apply these in a clinical situation.
  4. Be able to choose the correct materials for specific patients and their diagnoses.
  5. Have seen demonstrations of different splints.
  6. Have had the opportunity to make certain splints on their fellow course participants using a variety of splinting materials.
  7. Be able to analyse the forces applied by the splints that they have made.
  8. Have learnt a number of splinting hints and tips while watching the presenter demonstrate a variety of splints.


This workshop is designed for licensed occupational therapists and will assist them in acquiring knowledge of the biomechanics of hand splinting and how these principles are applied in the clinical situation. They will also acquire the necessary skills to make a selection of hand splints.
The workshop is limited to 24 participants.


27th January 2019


Mediclinic City, Dubai