Hand Therapy Intermediate Level

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Hand Therapy Intermediate Level


  1. Have an understanding of basic anatomy and biomechanics of the hand and upper limb.
  2. Appreciate how important it is to understand the phases of tissue healing and what treatment methods are suitable for each phase.
  3. Know how to accurately assess a patient with a hand injury and define the two main complications of hand injuries, oedema and stiffness.
  4. Have had practical experience in the application of Manual Edema Mobilisation as a technique to reduce oedema.
  5. Have knowledge of different techniques to reduce stiffness of the hand.
  6. Understand how to approach and treat the paediatric patient with a hand condition, focussing mainly on congenital hand conditions and cerebral palsy.


This course is designed for licensed occupational and physiotherapists and will assist them in acquiring knowledge of important concepts of hand rehabilitation, as well as practical skills to reduce oedema and stiffness of the hand. In addition, they will learn how to approach and treat paediatric patients with a hand condition.


Local DHA/HAAD accreditations as approved.


25-26 January 2019 (2 days)


Mediclinic City, Dubai